Connection Problems:


Clear your auto-connect list first by going to the connections tab in Crapster and clicking on the minus ("-") button all the way on the bottom-left. Do this until the list is empty. Then restart Crapster. Go back into the connections tab and make sure that nothing is happening. If this is the case, then try to connect to the following hosts:

(To connect, just copy and paste these hosts, one at a time, into the text box closest to the center of the connections tab in Crapster and hitting enter)

If you cannot connect to any of these hosts, there are two scenarios. One is that you have an old version of Winsock. If you have Windows 95, you probably have an old version of winsock. If this is the case, then download Winsock 2. If you have Windows 98, ME, or higher, then this is not the case. The problem for you is that none of the above hosts are really responding and this happens sometimes. To get around this, go to this site . It has links to plenty of cache servers. Visit some of them. These web-cache servers usually have a link such as "data" or something else. When you visit this "data" area, it'll list at least 20 decent gnutella hosts. You should be able to connect to at least a few of them. Once you are connected to Crapster, you should never have problems connecting again, because hosts will be added to the "cache" area. This area is saved when closing Crapster. That way you'll never need to use an auto-connect ever again.