I can't really tell you what Methodus 3 is... you have to see it for yourself. However, I can tell you the features.

Here is a nice list of the features you'll find in Methodus 3. (Click on the pictures to see them in actual size.)

Crapster is like a file-sharing network similar to Napster, except with some differences. First of all, Crapster cannot get shut down like Napster did, because it's a decentralized file sharing network. This means it runs without any one central server. This program doesn't limit you to MP3 files. You can search for ANY file type you want. Download programs, movies, music, cooking recipes, and even skateboard ramp blueprints. Crapster lets you download multiple files at once and even lets you resume downloads if you get disconnected. It runs conveniently in your system tray. You can also chat with everyone you're connected to who's using Crapster as their client. The statistics tab will tell you exactly how many files you have access to and how many people you're indirectly connected to. These statistics are updated every second.
Color Faders

If you wanted to know how people have those wavy fading colors in AOL and AIM, then your answer is Methodus. Methodus has faders for Mail, IMz, Chat, and HTML. The screen shot on the left is an IM fader. If you download Methodus and run it, you'll find this fader in the IMz menu of Methodus 3.
Customizable Interface

You'll have complete control over how Methodus 3 looks. You can change the color of buttons, the appearance of the windows, the startup screen, and everything else.
AOL Wallpaper
Open Methodus 3 and look in the "Other" menu. You'll notice a submenu called "AOL Stuff", which has all kinds of cool stuff like this. You can put any picture you want as your AOL Wallpaper.
Anonymous Mailer
Send emails to your friends under their email addresses just to freak them out. You can even use this to run your own mailing list that people can subscribe to. You can run this from the Toolz menu of Methodus 3.
Methodus 3 has a ton of games that you won't get bored of. It's a better solution to homework or work. All games are in the Games menu.
No-Pop-Ups Browser
I think the name pretty much gave it away. This neat utility will let you surf web pages without getting a single pop-up. You'll never ever have to see pop-up ads every again using this. Find this in the Other menu.
CD Burner + Ripper
Take all of the music you get off of Crapster and put it on CDs with Methodus CD Burner. Or take CDs, and put the music on your computer in MP3 format with the Methodus CD Ripper. These two are both in the Other menu of Methodus.
Chat Pic Scroller
Scroll pictures and your favorite macros in AIM and AOL chat rooms. Find this toy in the Chat menu.
FTP Client
Why pay $20 or more for FTP Clients that are complicated and confusing? With Methodus 3, you'll have all of the same functionality and less confusion. It's in the Other menu of Methodus 3.
Launch all of your favorite programs instantly no matter what you're doing on your computer, or what window you have open. Just enter a key combination like Shift F4 and you can launch any program you want. This is in the Toolz menu.
IM Manager
Don't clutter your screen with hundreds of IM windows when you can just keep them in a unique, but convenient tab-like interface using the Methodus IM Manager. Obviously, in the IMz menu.
Log keystrokes taken on your computer. Make sure your kids or relatives aren't doing anything on your computer that you wouldn't approve of. Or just spy on friends. You'll find this in the Toolz menu.
Macro Editor
Design ASCII art that you can scroll in chat rooms or just send in mails. In the Chat-----Macro Stuff menu.
Font to Macro Converter
Type something simple like "stuff", and this neat utility will create an ascii macro for you after the text. Same location as the Macro Editor.
Mass IMer
Sends mass IMs to friends so you don't have to type a message over and over again. Or just give a whole chat room a message through IMs. Find this in the IMz menu of Methodus 3.
WAV to MP3 Converter
Convert WAV files taken from CD into MP3 files. It's in the Toolz menu.
Control Methodus 3 to do what you want. It's compatible with all the new versions of AIM and AOL 5, 6, and 7. Located in the Main menu.
Room Buster
Why wait hours for people to leave your favorite chat rooms. Now you can bust in. Located in the chat menu.
Web Server
Run a webpage on your computer so everyone can see it. This monitors visitors automatically so you don't need a counter. Supports downloads, pictures, etc. Located in the Toolz menu of Methodus 3.

Other Features not mentioned above:

Whiteboard Chat, FTP Server, Screen Name Collector, IM Answering Machine, API Spy, Bots, Screen Savers, and a lot more.

Click here to download Methodus 3