Version History:

7/29/01 - Methodus 3 Build 1

1. Fixed many errors in beta version.

8/03/01 - Methodus 3 Build 2

1. Fixed error with IM Ignore.
2. Fixed bug with the interval in the Port Scanner.
3. Fixed the problem people were having with the menu links. This only occurrs on some computers.
4. Crapster upload optimizations added.

8/06/01 - Methodus 3 Build 3

1. Added all of the nice old bots from Methodus Toolz 2.

8/07/01 - Methodus 3 Build 4

1. Fixed a bug in the downloading on Crapster. It turns out downloads were sharing the same sockets.

8/08/01 - Methodus 3 Build 5

1. Fixed a bug in the Anonymous Mailer.
2. Fixed the bug for when some people tried to open Methodus, it would close.

8/10/01 - Methodus 3 Build 6

1. Progress bar in the FTP Client added for downloads and uploads.
2. Fixed a bug in Crapster where some of the downloads would say %100, but they really weren't finished.

8/16/01 - Methodus 3 Build 7

1. Fixed an error some people were having with games in relation to the ccrptmr active x component not loading.
2. Fixed a the blue screen error bug in Crapster when incoming connections are above zero.
3. Filter added to chat tab in Crapster to block out network waste.
4. Fixed a small bug in switching from AOL to AIM mode.

8/21/01 - Methodus 3 Build 8

1. Fixed a bug in the Anonymous Mailer where file attachments would screw up the format of the mail.
2. Default TTL for Crapster is now 6.
3. "*" character is appended in the Chat tab of Crapster so you know when a friend is talking to you.
4. "Active X Component Cannot Create" error in all of the games is finally fixed.

1/12/02 - Methodus 3 Build 9

1. Fully compatible with Windows XP.