Methodus 3:

Q: Nothing happens when I try to install Methodus 3 by double clicking on the installation file.
A: You have to download Methodus again... except in Internet Explorer as opposed to AOL. AOL has had some issues where downloads off of the internet would become corrupt. Download Methodus from Internet Explorer and it will run correctly.

Q: My bots don't work in AOL!
A: You have an older revision of AOL. Just go to www.aol.com and download the newest version of AOL.

Q: Nothing seems to be working from the Chat or IMz menus of Methodus 3.
A: You never set your AOL vs. AIM mode settings. Go to Methodus 3, and click on the Main menu. Scroll down to Options and then go into that. Then in the Options window, go to the compatibility tab and set all of the compatibility settings you want.

Q: I tried running Methodus, but all it did was keep flashing the loading screen and it never loaded!
A: You installed it to your D:\ drive. Install it to C:\ drive to avoid this problem.

Q: What happened to the bots and the mail features?
A: It's all there. The bots are in the Chat menu and the Mail features are in the Other menu.

Q: Is this program a virus?
A: No.

Q: Is this program illegal?
A: No.

Q: Is this free or does it cost money?
A: This program is what you call shareware. You can use it free for 15 days to test it out. This is considered the evaluation period. After these 15 days of evaluating the program, Methodus will ask you to register. Registering costs $9.95 and takes less than a minute. After doing this, Methodus will be registered forever and you can use it for as long as you want without having to pay ever again.

Q: How can I get those wavy, faded colors?
A: Get Methodus 3 by downloading it from the download page. Then run it and look in the menus for "Color Fader". You should find it everywhere.

Q: I cannot connect to the SMTP server or the SMTP server doesn't work?
A: Switch to a different SMTP server.

Q: I downloaded Methodus, but I don't know where I downloaded it onto my hard drive.
A: Probably c:\windows\desktop or c:\America Online 6.0\download.


Q: I get an error with CSWSK32.OCX when I open Crapster.
A: Download ftp://ftp.catalyst.com/pub/cstools/support/mfclib32.exe and run it. That exe will fix everything. THEN, after installing that, reinstall Methodus 3, and Crapster will work fine. You won't get that error anymore.

Q: How do I get Crapster and the CD Burner?
A: Download Methodus 3 and run it. Those two features will be in the "Other" menu.

Q: On Crapster, everything goes really choppy and my computer lags.
A: Just make your connections alive number less. You can do this in the Connections tab of Crapster.

Q: I can't connect on Crapster, it keeps saying I am disconnected.
A: Go to connection.htm. That page will help you out.

Q: On Crapster, some servers are busy.
A: This is normal. Just let it try to resume by itself and it should work.

Q: I sometimes get a blue screen error in Crapster!
A: Your computer doesn't work well with incoming connections. Go to the connections tab in Crapster, and make sure "incoming connections" is set to 0.

Q: How much money does Crapster cost a month?
A: There is no monthly fee.

Q: Can Crapster get shut down like Napster did?
A: NO.