Methodus 3 is a program that has a large scale variety of features. You will never find another program like this. For instance, it has AOL and AIM enhancements like Color Faders, SN Collector, Bots, an Answering Machine, and a lot more. The Color Faders don't even need to be on your screen anymore, they fade automatically in AIM and AOL. The fade sequences are saved by default. Methodus 3 is now compatible with AOL 5, 6, and 7. In addition to this, it works with all of the new versions of AIM. Methodus 3 also includes Crapster, which is a file sharing program that gives you access to over 2 million gigabytes of songs, movies, and all other file types. Unlike Napster, which blocks a huge list of songs, Crapster does not. Methodus 3 also features a CD Burner, CD Ripper, developer tools like an API Spy, MP3 Encoder, a HotKey program so the program can stay in your system tray and you could launch other programs with your keyboard, FTP Server, FTP Client, Web Server, Games, and even Networking Utils. Oh and one other thing... I even put in an IM Manager with a tablike interface so that you can keep all of your IMs in an organized fashion. Yes this works in both AIM and AOL. If you do have AOL though, make sure you check out AOL Wallpaper, which is in the Other->AOL Stuff menu in Methodus 3. This lets you tile a wallpaper in AOL to suit your taste. To find out about this program and more features that you haven't learned about, go to the Features and FAQs sections.

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Methodus News:
Methodus 3 Build 9 was released and it is fully compatible with Windows XP.

Best Crapster Auto-Connect Servers:

Wavy, Fading, Rainbow Colors:
I get way too many emails about this. If you saw people have wavy fading colors in AOL or AIM, it was because those people were using Methodus 3 and its Color Faders. If you want those cool fonts, then click the link above this to download Methodus 3 and follow the instructions. Then when you're done, open Methodus 3, and Color Faders will be in the Chat and IMz menus. You'll also find an HTML Fader in the Toolz menu and a Mail Fader in the Other->AOL Stuff menu.

Current Version:
Methodus 3 Build 9. Click here to find out what's new.

How come Crapster cannot get shut down?:
Crapster works without a central server, unlike Napster. In fact, everyone on Crapster is a servant, so Crapster cannot get shut down; it's literally impossible.

Methodus 3 Main Window:

Methodus 3 Crapster:


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